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Our approach to painting and decorating is significantly different to most other decorating businesses. We do not believe that there is only one right way of decorating because our customer’s requirements and objectives are different. We supply all kinds and colours of paint in order to fulfil your decorating requirements, or we can work with your supplied materials. On this page we talk about our services for:

Painting & Decorating for a House Move

Some of our customers simply want to decorate a few rooms in their home before they put it up for sale. In this instance a deep preparation and three coats of paint is not the right solution, because a balance has to be achieved between costs and enhanced house value.

Sometimes we are just asked to freshen up a bedroom before a mother-in-law comes to visit!

Alongside our roofing services, we also offer a range of building services, including painting and decorating and hard and soft landscaping, such as installing new patios and driveways.

Painting & Decorating for a Property Letting

We are often asked to decorate rooms when tenants vacate a property and before it is put up for rent again. A small investment in our time and materials can repay itself many times over during the course of a new letting achieved at higher rental rates.

We can also replace bathroom fixtures and fittings, kitchen worktops and cupboard doors. Once again a small investment can reap large dividends. As our reputation has grown for undertaking this type of work, landlords are now asking us to take care of ongoing Property Maintenance for their property portfolios, see the foot of this page for more information.

Alongside our roofing services, we also offer a range of building services, including painting and decorating and hard and soft landscaping, such as installing new patios and driveways.

Had the team round to paint the interior of my house; such a quick and professional job done!! I would definitely recommend.


Painting & Decorating for the Long Term

Where a customer is planning to stay at a property for some time into the future, an in-depth decorating service is more appropriate. Our decorating service ranges from gloss painting of surfaces, emulsion painting of walls and ceilings, through to hanging wallpaper to walls as well as disguising cracks and repairing plaster.

As a corollary to decorating, we also work on floors; from sanding and varnishing Victorian floorboards, through to applying a new tiled floor or a laminate floor over and existing base.

Exterior Painting & Decorating

We also undertake exterior decoration, including windows, sills and doors and garage doors, using the best quality gloss paints, as well as other exterior painting requirements such as decks, sheds and outbuildings.

Preparation in advance of exterior painting is vital and we will repair wood when necessary before applying undercoat and topcoats. We also apply masonry paint to surfaces requiring it.

The Complete Decorating Service

When undertaking interior decoration, we take care to:

  • Move and replace furniture, where necessary
  • Covering all areas with clean drop clothes
  • Removal of unpainted hardware, e.g. door furniture – to protect it
  • Preparation of all surfaces according to the specific needs and requirements
  • Usage of high quality materials

On completion of work we:

  • Return furniture to their original locations
  • Vacuum clean of the whole area
  • Inspect the completed work with the customer

Property Maintenance

We now undertake property maintenance for landlords who need their houses and flats maintained to good standards. We undertake improvements and decorations between lets and ensure that any problems that occur when tenants are in are taken care of. This includes fixing electrical and plumbing problems as well as many other issues. We even take care of complete house refurbishments before new property lettings.

We believe our prices are reasonable and so do our existing clients. We charge hourly rates for smaller jobs and will always give an estimate of hours required in advance. For larger jobs we will give you a fixed price quote for time and materials, allowing you to budget for the work that needs undertaking.

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